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Delft, Oude Delft 35

Toegevoegd: 30-08-2017 (294 dagen geleden).

We are looking for a new roommate for our students' house.

The room will be available from the 1st of July until the end of August.

The room is 12.25 m^2 and equipped with a large bed and a big closet that can be used for clothing. There is also a bookcase that can be used for storage.

If you would like more space in the room you can place....

Soort: Kamer
Prijs: 323 euro
Oppv: 12 m2

Deze kamer kost 27 euro/m2 en is 2 euro/m2 duurder dan het gemiddelde.
Deze kamer is helaas al verhuurd!
Je kan niet meer reageren op deze kamer.

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